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Meet Anirud

IP Attorney | Lawyers' Coach | Speaker

The first big step to a successful legal practise is getting a degree in law and enrolling with the Bar Council. But what next?

The legal arena is undergoing constant changes rapidly with the overhaul of the procedural codes in India, the potential impact of AI at all levels of legal practise and more!

It becomes imperative to hire a coach (Regal Coach Certified for ICF) who can help you navigate the challenges and opportunities of your career to make it big!

Ready to grow your legal business? Let us talk.


I partner with lawyers to scale up their litigation practise.


Anirud as a coach helped to bring the best out of me. As a coach he let me express my true self.  His view to live life to the fullest instead of dreaming a dream life is inspiring. He  partnered with me by asking questions which lead me to tap into various possibilities from my own view point which was untapped until now.  Clarity and calmness are the outcomes of the session. The session helped me challenge the status quo and make a leap into my new job to a new role.

Sanjog Karki, Associate Analyst, Moody’s Corporation

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