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Meet Anirud


Trust the process and success will follow

Anirud Chathanath

IP Attorney | Lawyers' Coach | Speaker

I have a Masters in Law in Intellectual Property and Trade Laws from Christ University and a B.Com (Honors) degree from Sri Sathya Sai University. Further, I am the Business Development Manager at the company (Regal Unlimited) started by my parents.

This combination helps me support my clients because I understand the law, business and cash flows.

Scale up today!

About Anirud

Anirud loves to travel, listen to music and is a dog parent and a musician who plays multiple instruments. He was the Campus Cultural Champion in 2014. As the House Captain and Campus Brass Band Trumpet Section Leader in 2015, he was engaged in a leadership role in multiple capacities. He is a Regal Certified Coach and his clients have been able to make pivots in career and relationships with ease and joy. He is a Certified Healer- Theta Healing (Basic and Advanced), Quantum Touch and Access Consciousness Bars.

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