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Meet Anirud


Trust the process and success will follow

Anirud Chathanath

Startup Coach | Entrepreneur | Healer

In the last 2 years, Anirud, as a Startup Coach, has helped startups and entrepreneurs improve their bottom line, enhance work-life integration and improve interpersonal relationships. As a holistic certified healer, he has helped heal bodies in a matter of seconds. His mission is to help startup owners and entrepreneurs achieve their targets, increase their revenue, enjoy life at the pace set by them.
Throughout this journey, he has found great pleasure in being the reason that people smile living their best life. With clients from various parts of the globe, Anirud’s unique intervention of a blend of coaching and healing, as the client chooses, is gaining traction.
He lives his life without divorcing any part of himself. Do you wish to make an impact  and live an epic life? All you need is Anirud.

About Anirud

Anirud loves to travel, listen to music and is a dog parent and a musician who plays multiple instruments. He was the Campus Cultural Champion in 2014. As the House Captain and Campus Brass Band Trumpet Section Leader in 2015, he was engaged in a leadership role in multiple capacities. He is a Regal Certified Coach and his clients have been able to make pivots in career and relationships with ease and joy. He is a Certified Healer- Theta Healing (Basic and Advanced), Quantum Touch and Access Consciousness Bars.

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