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A trip that expands perspective

Updated: Oct 13, 2022

On 20th June 2022 the four boys gang left for Kodaikanal, the Princess of Hills in Tamil Nadu, India. We started at 6:30 a.m. from Bangalore. The journey was eventful as we experienced all kinds of weather changes- summer, rain and winter of course! Little did I know that this trip would leave a lasting impact on me. I set a clear agenda for myself to maximise the 'return' on the trip. 'Who does this belong to?", "What else is possible?" and a copy of 'Divorceless Relationships' by Gary M. Douglas. The 9-hour-long drive did not seem all that long because of the beautiful company- 4 guys with the same kind of crazy.

The climb was memorable. It was raining heavily, and parts of the road were under construction. The adrenaline surges added to the overall experience. Finally, we reached our Airbnb. It was a humble cottage with an average view. We asked ourselves, what can we change about this. The answer came in the form of a text from a dear friend- photos and contact details of Green Fields Youth Hostel. It is true, questions always expand possibilities! The image I have added in this post is a view from the hostel.

The view was nothing short of divine. As we sat there, each one of us gained a unique perspective. I shall share mine. As I looked around in awe, I felt a surge of gratitude. Existence was expansive. This trip was important as it was our one last trip before I left for Pune. As I saw the twinkling lights like diamonds lying strewn into the ocean, the trees swaying showing off their ability to enhance the scenery and the occasional dog that would come to check on us, I knew that I had everything that I needed. I hit upon the jackpot when I started making a list of the people I would want to spend my last moments with if the world were ending while listening to 'Spend it with you' by Kodaline. My list ran very long!

Was there a dearth of love? No! Was there a lack of loyalty, gratitude, or relationships? Hell, No! The sheer expanse of the view had me humbled as all that I read crystallised into practical wisdom. The magnanimity of the sight referred to all the possibilities that life offered. Would I take it or would I stay 'happy' settling for things assuming that is how things are supposed to be? It just boils down to a series of small choices that snowballs into a massive change. We had all the incentives to continue to stay in the Airbnb with the average view. We made a choice to change.

If we start counting our blessings, can we really stop? Life has so much to offer. We limit the receiving with our judgements. Our points of view shape our reality. As we stared into the distance we knew that time is just a man-made concept. Travel is so crucial to deepen our understanding and appreciation for life. We could see how alive nature was and how alive that made us feel. We had a smile on our faces for the entire duration of our stay as our phones remained disconnected due to lack of network coverage; a blessing definitely.

So this is what I would leave you with-

  1. Travel to places with a lot of greenery and disconnect to connect.

  2. Ask yourself- 'What else is possible?' This question is so powerful as it opens you up to so many opportunities.

  3. Ask yourself- 'Who does this belong to?' for every emotion, thought and feeling. Gary, the founder of Access Consciousness, asserts that this simple question will take us to a thoughtless, meditative state in 3 days!

  4. For every situation that you wish to change, good or bad, ask- What is this? Can I change this? How can I change this? These questions open the doors to greater possibilities. Answers limit awareness and questions expand awareness. We are verily God Himself as the Vedas assert, Tat Tvam Asi. Then how can we lead a boring, dull life where we cannot choose our way of life, our romantic partners, our abundance, etc.? We can do all that as soon as we change our points of view. These questions help us with that.

Hope these few words can convey my experience and it adds value to your beautiful lives too :)

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