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Do It Today by Darius Foroux (Part 2)

Updated: Oct 13, 2022

Part 2 of the book deals with Improving Productivity.

"It is like a lot of things, said the smith. Do the least part of it wrong and ye'd just as well do it all wrong." - Cormac Mcarthy

Darius goes onto explain how in our times the smartphone is one of the most distracting things. He delves into a research paper that shows that as the smartphone is physically moved away from a person, his/ her productivity increases drastically; the highest when the smartphone is kept in another room- a whopping 26%! Darius gives a few tips on how to manage the smartphone like turning off the internet and all notifications.

Darius reveals something that was pretty insightful to me. He claimed that perfectionism is just a face for procrastination! He relies on a research that shows that perfectionism is also closely linked to depression and low self-esteem!

"Perfectionists are their own devils."- Jack Kirby

Joachim Stöber and Jutta Joormann, who studied Worry, Procrastination, and Perfectionism, write: “The combination of concern over mistakes and procrastination may be a crucial factor in the maintenance of worry. On the one hand, it may prolong existing threats because no steps are taken to cope. On the other hand, it may increase existing threats or even produce additional threats because initially solvable problems will pile up, thus creating an overload of problems that may finally be insoluble.” Darius says that feeling is the biggest pitfall for us. He states that we can't do anything when we feel helpless and nudges the reader to go through the research on learned helplessness. Darius gives a few actionable steps to beat the nasty side of procrastination and perfectionism- resourcefulness. Grab a copy of the book to find out what resourcefulness is and how it can help you!

Darius reads many books a year. He tells readers how they can read 100 books a year. He says that the way to level up in life is to read a lot. He says always keep reading. Keep a target of reading at least an hour a day.

The author speaks about 20 unproductive habits, the importance of taking a vacation, the importance of consistency and many more things. Pick up this book and thank me later for what it does for you.

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